Developer Agreement

A Developer Agreement (Commercial / Residential Agreement), between the developing entity and the City is required for all developments. The Agreement outlines the requirements of the Developer regarding permits, fees, bonds, insurance, indemnification, etc.

The Developer Agreement is a standard agreement drafted by the City Attorney and approved by the City Council. Any changes to the standard language requires re-review by the City Attorney as well as approval by the City Council. If there are no changes to the standard agreement, and if it meets certain criteria, staff approval is allowed rather than City Council approval.

Criteria for staff approval:
1.Participation less than $25,000; and
2.No dedication of park land; and
3.No waiver of fees or credits requested.

In the event the standard language in the Developer Agreement is to be altered in any way, the Agreement will need approval by City Council. Adequate time must be allowed for the Agreement to be prepared, included on the City Council Meeting Agenda, and brought to City Council for approval. Generally, the process can take 3-4 weeks depending on complexity and/or City Council meeting schedules.

Please contact the Public Works Project Manager with any questions regarding the Developer Agreement.