Pre-construction Conference

Prior to any construction taking place on the project site, a Pre-construction Conference must take place (Development Pre-Con Agenda). Attendees should include the Developer, the Engineer of Record, the General Contractor, and all sub-contractors that will be constructing public infrastructure.

Prior to scheduling a Pre-construction Conference, the City Project Manager must receive the following:

  • A copy of the fully executed Developer's Agreement
  • Public Works Fees:
    • Administrative Fee (3% of the cost of Public Infrastructure); and
    • Inspection Fee (3% of the cost of Public Infrastructure); and
    • A detailed breakdown of the construction costs for the public infrastructure
    • Park Fees
    • Critical Drainage & Structure Fees
  • Payment and Performance Bonds naming the City of Southlake as the bondholder, and verification of the bonds from the bonding company
  • An insurance certificate in the amounts specified in the Developer's Agreement, and naming the City of Southlake as an additional insured
  • A completed Earth Disturbance permit available through the Planning and Building Services Department
  • A completed Right-of-way permit
  • A Construction Site Water permit (Required during Stage 1 or higher of drought conditions)
  • An adequate amount of Construction Plans stamped "Released for Construction" by the City.