General Information

New Sidewalks
Residents of the City of Southlake continue to express their desire for more sidewalks, pathways and trails. The City is working hard to make those requests a reality. From 2009 to 2015, the City added 38,862 linear feet of sidewalks to connect neighborhoods to schools and encourage safe pedestrian mobility by installing marked crosswalks and signalized pedestrian crossings. That is a length equivalent to more than 76 football fields.

Planning for Sidewalks
During the planning phase, locations for future sidewalks and trails are identified and prioritized. Methods for funding and construction are also reviewed. Sidewalk and trail planning are part of comprehensive planning. For more information on the Southlake Comprehensive Plan, see the Comprehensive Planning page.

Annual Pathways Priority List
Every year, staff prepares the pathways priority list for new segments to be constructed in the upcoming fiscal year. This list is presented to the City Council for consideration. These segments will be prioritized based on proximity to schools and City parks. If you would like to recommend a specific segment for consideration, please complete a Request a Sidewalk form.