Town Square Enhancements Project

2013-3-27TownHall 009.jpg

Project Information
The Town Square Enhancements Project includes improvements all across Southlake Town Square to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the development. Planned enhancements include roadway improvements, enhanced landscaping, drainage improvements, sidewalk repairs, and repairs to the handrails on the Town Hall steps.

Project Details
Roadway Improvements:
  • State St. from Federal Way to Division Street
Sidewalk Improvements: 
  • Sidewalk repair at SLTS Coach
  • Sidewalk repair at Mi Cocina's
  • Reconstruct sidewalk around Town Hall                                      
  • Repainting of handicapped ramps
  • Handrail refurbishment around Town Hall
  • Re-construct Grand Avenue Phase sidewalks - FY 2015
Drainage Improvements: 

  • Drainage improvements completed in conjunction with sidewalk improvements on north side of Town Hall
Summit Park Improvements: 

  • Turf and irrigation improvements
  • Landscape enhancements
  • Retaining wall
McPherson Park Improvements: 

  • Landscape enhancements
  • Tree replacement

Streetscape Improvements:

  • Landscape enhancements
  • Tree replacement

For further information on this project, please see the "Public Works Capital Projects" quarterly report.

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