Vision, Goals & Objectives

The Vision, Goals & Objectives, developed as part of the Southlake 2030 Comprehensive Plan, define the values of the community and set both the framework and the tone for the rest of the plan elements of the Southlake 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The adopted Vision, Goals & Objectives were developed by the Southlake 2030 Plan Vision, Goals & Objectives Committee, using the Southlake 2025 Comprehensive Plan Vision, Goals & Objectives as a foundation. Goals and objectives were added and modified to reflect changes in the community over the last four years and to address new plan elements that are included in the scope of the Southlake 2030 Plan.

Southlake will continue to enhance its status as a desirable, attractive, safe, healthy and fiscally-sound community with quality neighborhoods, while maintaining a high standard of living, learning, shopping, working, recreation, and open spaces. Southlake will continue to be a vibrant community that epitomizes both economic and environmental sustainability.

The following is the Southlake 2030 Vision, Goals & Objectives adopted by City Council on November 17, 2009.