Mobility Master Plan

The Southlake Mobility Master Plan serves as a guide to all decision-making relating to the city's transportation network. The latest version of the plan was adopted on December 05, 2023. The Plan includes recommendations for thoroughfare improvements,  sidewalk construction, and active transportation and crosswalks. Below you will find the plan maps which detail the thoroughfare, pathways, and pathways priority maps.

Comprehensive Plan Feedback Form

Do you have a question about the City's Comprehensive Plan? What about a comment, question, suggestion, or other feedback for the Mobility Master Plan let us know through our Comprehensive Plan Feedback Form.

Sidewalk Priority Projects

The City has just completed an extensive sidewalk constructability evaluation for future publicly funded sidewalk segments identified on the Official Pathways Map. The sidewalk constructability study evaluates and prioritizes potential sidewalk projects based on several factors, such as connectivity to other sidewalks, location near a school or park, availability of a right of way or easement, and construction cost (trees removal, utility relocations, bridge construction, drainage). The City utilizes the scores assigned as part of this evaluation to prioritize sidewalk segments for construction. Sidewalk segments are prioritized as a Tier 1 (1 to 3 years); Tier 2 (4 to 7 years) or Tier 3 (greater than 8 years) project.

Mobility Plan Sidewalk Segments

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3 (cont.)
Project 7 (Union Church) Project 7 (Union Church) Project 15 (S. Kimball Ave.) Project 475 (N. Kimball Ave.)
Project 58 (Silicon Dr.) Project 21 (Crooked Ln.) Project 28 (N. Carroll Ave.) Project 476b (Shady Oaks Dr.)
Project 308 (S. Nolen Dr.) Project 70 (Pearson Ln.) Project 32, 33, 34 (Southridge Lakes Pkwy.) Project 477 (Nolen Dr.)
Project 470 (Davis Blvd.) Project 71 (Chesapeake Ln.) Project 39, 41 (Kirkwood Blvd.) Project 479 (S.H. 114 Frontage Rd.)
Project 482 (Sunrise Ranch Rd.) Project 76a (Continental Blvd.) Project 68 (Pearson Ln.) Project 480, 487 (N. Carroll Ave.)
Project 482 (Sunrise Ranch Rd.) Project 86 (Crooked Ln.) Project 79 (T W King) Project 490 (E. Highland St.)
Project 486 (S.H. 114 & Cherry Ln. / N. Kimball Ave.) Project 88 (Parkwood Dr.) Project 92 (Johnson Rd.) Project X (N. White Chapel Blvd.)
Project 492 (E. Highland St.) Project 93 (Johnson Rd.) Project 115 (Southridge Lakes)  
Project 491 (E. Dove Rd.) Project 98 (Turnberry Ln.) Project 144, 154 (E. Dove St.)  
Project 304 (S. Peytonville Ave.) Project 101 (Oak Pointe Ln.) Project 153 (W. Highland St.)  
Project 204 (N. Peytonville Ave.) Project 155 (E. Dove. Rd.) Project 205 (Brumlow Ave.)  
  Project 306 (N. White Chapel Blvd.) Project 206 (Shady Oaks Dr.)  
  Project 474 (S. Kimball Ave.) Project 303 (S. Kimball Ave.)  
  Project 481 (S.H. 114 Frontage Rd.) Project 305 (N. White Chapel Blvd.)  
  Randol Mill (between Morgan and city limits) Project 399 (E. Dove Rd.)  
  Project 469 (Davis Blvd.) Project 467, 468 (E. Continental Blvd.)  
  Project 476a (Shady Oaks Dr.) Project 471 (S.H. 114 Frontage Rd.)  
  North Carroll Ave. (between SH114 and Whispering Ln.) Project 472, 473 (S. Kimball Ave.)