Southlake Program for the Involvement of Neighborhoods (SPIN)

SPIN, the Southlake Program for the Involvement of Neighborhoods, are Town Hall Forums hosted by the Community Engagement Committee usually about twice a month to provide an opportunity for community members to have an informal conversation regarding topics of interest. 

The most frequently discussed items are development cases. The SPIN Town Hall Forums provide a place to discuss proposed developments and hear feedback from residents before a case goes before the Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council.

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Development Process Information

Following SPIN, a proposed development may be submitted to the Planning Department, reviewed by staff, and scheduled for a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The item would then be eligible to move forward to City Council for Consideration.

Reports from SPIN will be provided to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council to capture and communicate community input throughout the process. For additional information about the development process in Southlake, please visit the Planning & Development Services homepage.

The Active Planning & Zoning Cases web page is a great way to keep track of SPIN cases as they move through the development process.

Connect with the City

In addition to SPIN, the City has a number of communication tools that help citizens stay informed. Visit our Office of Communication page to learn more.