City Manager's Office


The City Manager's Office (CMO) oversees and directs all city departments. The CMO prepares and submits a structurally balanced budget and a corporate business plan to the City Council, which are tied back to the council's strategic direction. The City Manager's Office also assists the City Council in developing and formulating policies, goals, and objectives and keeps them informed of important community issues. In addition, the CMO staff provides legislative support, communication services, and legal service functions for the city.

Core Services

To successfully accomplish the duties of the office, the City Manager’s Office is responsible for the following core services:

  • Facilitate good governance and provide strategic leadership to the municipal organization.
  • Ensure a strong and sustainable financial condition for the city.
  • Promote citizen involvement and governmental transparency.
  • Develop a high-performance organization.
  • Create an employee value proposition that supports the city’s mission and strategic goals.
2021-Certificate of Performance
  1. City Manager’s Office