Southlake Values

In 2005, as the City Council was working on creating a strategic direction with city staff, the Council brainstormed a series of value statements for the city organization to adhere to. They discussed the statements and paired them down to a select few, and then drafted the definitions of each value.

  • Integrity: Being worthy of the public's trust in all things. We deal honestly and respectfully with each other and the public at all times.
  • Innovation: Valuing progressive thinking, creativity, flexibility and adaptability in service delivery.
  • Accountability: Taking personal responsibility for our actions or inaction while putting the interest of the taxpayer first.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Behaving responsively in our delivery of service to the public. Our work is characterized by its quality and by the diligence with which it is carried out. We proactively seek to solve problems in advance.
  • Teamwork: Recognizing the importance of working together to meet our citizen's needs, communicating clearly sharing resources and information freely.
Since these values were adopted, they have become the banner statement for what is expected of our City Council members, city employees, volunteers and the organization as a whole.
City of Southlake seal