City Secretary's Office


The City Secretary’s Office is committed to support the legislative process, encourage and facilitate civic involvement, promote confidence through governmental transparency, and provide enthusiastic service to the public.


The City Secretary’s Office desires to be a highly-valued office by providing excellent customer service and promoting transparency and accessibility thereby inspiring public confidence and exceeding expectations.


The position of City Secretary is a statutory position required by State Law and the City Charter. The City Secretary is an officer of the city, appointed by City Council.

The City Secretary’s Office serves as administrative support to the Mayor and City Council, coordinates municipal elections, prepares City Council agendas and packets, posts all City Council-appointed boards' meeting agendas, maintains City records, and preserves the City’s legislative history. The City Secretary is designated as the Officer of Public Information, and as such, is responsible for responding to the requests for city documents under the Public Information Act.

The Office assists the City Council in promoting civic involvement through the recruitment, application, and training of Board and Commission members. In order to promote transparency, the Office is focused on digitizing City records to be accessible by the public on the City’s website.