Oil & Gas Drilling and Production

Welcome to the City of Southlake oil and gas drilling home page. On this page, you will find the current City ordinance on oil and gas drilling, reports, and other requirements. This page is designed to provide an overview of the drilling process in Southlake. If you have further questions, please call (817) 748-8069.

Latest News

During the 2015 Legislature, Texas legislators have been considering bills that will mean changes to Texas’ gas drilling laws. At the April 7, 2015, City Council meeting, an overview of the new law and what it could mean for Southlake was provided.

Gas Ordinance

The Southlake City Council approved Ordinance 880-B on October 18, 2011. A brief history of the ordinance and a summary of major changes is available in the Executive Summary.

Amended Fee Schedule

The Southlake City Council approved Resolution No. 11-050, the Amended Fee Schedule related to Oil & Gas Drilling, on November 15, 2011.

Understanding the Process

Obtaining permission to drill a well in Southlake is a two-step process. First, the gas company must file an application for a specific use permit (SUP), as outlined below. Second, the gas company must obtain a gas permit from the City. Obtaining a gas permit requires compliance with Article IV, Chapter 9.5 of the City Code, which regulates oil and gas drilling, as well as approval of an SUP.

SUP Process:

  1. SUP Application Filed with City (includes a pipeline permit, if applicable, and information on the access road to the pad site)
  2. Staff Review of SUP
  3. SPIN Meeting(s) - Public Input
  4. Planning & Zoning Commission - Public Hearing
  5. City Council - Public Hearing

If the SUP is approved by the City Council, the gas company is then required to obtain a gas permit for any well that is drilled on the site. Approval of gas permits is an administrative process that is handled at the staff level.


Hydrogeologic Evaluation
In September 2010, the City of Southlake contracted with Kleinfelder to conduct a limited hydrogeologic evaluation. A review of readily available information as well as Water Well Database research, was conducted to provide a summary of geological and hydrogeological conditions beneath the incorporated city boundaries. Included within the report is a generalized summary of Cretaceous and Paleozoic formations extending from the surface into the Fort Worth Basin and the Barnett Shale.

Air Quality Report
In July 2010, the City of Southlake contracted with Kleinfelder to conduct a limited ambient air quality evaluation at nineteen (19) monitoring points at key locations throughout the City and its borders. Kleinfelder’s team gathered 24-hour samples, testing for Volatile Organic Compounds as well as Formaldehyde.