FY2010 Sidewalks

Location Segment Type Linear Feet
West side of Peytonville Avenue from Chimney Works Drive to Continental Boulevard
  • Connects Chimney Hill sub-division to Carroll Elementary and Koalaty Park
  • Includes 2 crosswalks at Peytonville at Chimney Works Drive and Peytonville at Continental Boulevard
School Connector 579
East side of South Carroll Avenue from Westmont Drive to Bordeaux
  • Connects Oak Tree Estates and Versailles sub-divisions to Old Union Elementary
School Connector 3,800
East side of North Carroll Avenue from East Dove to Taylor Street
  • Connects Emerald Estates sub-divisions to Carroll Middle School
School Connector 1,066
East side of North Carroll Avenue from Whispering Dell to Triple C addition
  • Connects Triple C Ranch, Whispering Dell, and Chivers Park to Jack D. Johnson Elementary School
School Connector 1,334
Koalaty Park
  • Added a trail
Trail 400
North side of Dove Road from Ridgecrest to Carroll
  • Added a trail
Trail 3,500
North White Chapel Boulevard from East Dove to (new CISD site)* School Connector/ Trail 1,000
North side of Johnson Road from Overland Trail to Cimarron Trail
  • School Connector
  • Connects Florence Elementary to nearby neighborhoods and Royal and Annie Smith Park
School Connector 360
Total 12.039

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