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Dec 17

December 2021 New Biz List

Posted to New Biz List by Daniel Cortez

December 2021 New Biz List
This list of new Southlake businesses is provided by the Southlake Department of Economic Development and Tourism to help you see what's new and what's coming into the Southlake market! Contact us by Email if you are a new business coming into town or if you have any questions about our listings. You may also visit for other business information or follow us on Facebook for the latest business news.

Now Open

  • Free People – Back in the 1970's, a young man named Dick Hayne planted a seed in the maze of streets and trees that make up West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He opened a store and called it Free People. Over 50 years later, Free People draws, designs, sews and buys for her. They offer her countless options within their own collection, so that even if she takes her best pal shopping, they won't come out looking at all alike. And if she wants her colors and patterns all mixed up, that's even better, picking through our sweaters, knits and skirts. Free People recently opened at 1434 Main Street in Southlake Town Square. 682- 255-0982
  • See’s Candies – See's Candies has been making quality chocolate and candy the Mary See's way for over 95 years. From the beginning, Mary took pride in her recipes and insisted on only the finest, freshest ingredients. Today, they're still just as committed to making candy the right way. See's Candies recently opened at 409 Grand Avenue East in Southlake Town Square. 442-329-1054

  • Purple – Traditional mattresses either dial up the firmness to support your back or opt for softness and localized pressure relief. Only Purple mattresses have the GelFlex Grid – which provides both. Simultaneously. Their Grid is made of a hyper-elastic material that reduces pressure, provides support, and instantly adapts as you move. Plus, it doesn’t trap body heat! Purple recently opened at 234 State Street in Southlake Town Square. 817-796-9988

  • Pro Capital Wealth Management – You work too hard to have your life played with. At Pro Capital their focus is to protect the assets you've built up. Risk management and estate planning are cornerstones in their firm to cover blind spots so that their clients can enjoy the life they've created for themselves. Pro Capital Wealth Management recently opened at 578 N. Kimball Ave., Suite 120. 817-912-1223

  • Fury Athletix – After decades of playing nearly every sport you could imagine, Fury founder and CEO, Jeff Medici, realized there was a significant gap in the athletic headwear space. While countless apparel companies offered hats, few, if any, focused exclusively on providing athletic headwear that combined style and enhanced performance. Fury carries hats specifically designed for each type of athletic activity, such as running, golf, tennis, biking, hunting, and HIIT exercises. Fury Athletix recently opened at 2102 E. State Hwy 114 in District 114. 817-527-5601

  • Buff City Soap – Buff City Soap is on a mission to make the world smell wonderful one handcrafted soap at a time. Buff City Soap Products are fresh and made in our Soap Makery daily with plant-based ingredients you can pronounce! Buff City Soap recently opened at 1431 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 541 in the Shops of Southlake. 817-410-8444

  • Westin Hotel – At Westin Hotels & Resorts, their signature wellness programs empower you to maintain your routine, no matter where you travel. From their renowned Heavenly Bed to on-demand workout essentials with their Gear Lending Program, and nutritious food options on our Eat Well Menu, they’re here to help you be your best on the road. The Westin recently opened at 1200 E. State Hwy 114. 817-873-1900

  • Pauri & Casati – With a desire to express themselves and choosing fashion as the medium, the Pauri & Casati wanted to create a brand entirely and exclusively Made in Italy. With the intent to create a piece of art of unrivaled quality and rare beauty that the entire world may admire and wear, and in doing so, making our shirts become a part of a story...YOURS. Pauri & Casati recently opened at 1243 Main Street in Southlake Town Square. 682-477-4050

  • Hope Sleep Clinic - Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, but it’s only one of many types of sleep problems that affect an estimated 70 million Americans. Dr. Nader Ewaida at Hope Sleep Clinic has extensive experience practicing sleep medicine, diagnosing and treating the underlying problem so you can finally get a restoring and refreshing night’s sleep. •           Hope Sleep Clinic recently opened at 2320 W. Southlake Boulevard. 817-770-0933

  • SkyLife Wellness - Life is full of choices, but sometimes they are hard to see. We shape who we are and who we will be by the choices we make and the answers we seek. Sometimes life can become overwhelming and painful, so we need to share our suffering with someone who is willing to listen and appreciate the courage it takes to seek out help. Dr. Jenna Mack’s focus is to help, encourage and support you through life’s many challenges and assist you in redefining or rediscovering meaning in your life. SkyLife Wellness recently opened at 261 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 180. 214-810-3756

  • The Pilates Shop – At The Pilates Shop of Southlake, they offer classes that will be able to meet your specific needs with a mission to empower you to be in control of your health and well-being. In each session, you'll be given tools to help you with efficiency in your own movement patterns. They believe you will be able to take these tools and apply them to your everyday life. The Pilates Shop recently opened at 2707 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 140. 817-410-7322

  • Marshall Presley & Pipal Attorneys at Law - MPP Legal brings a powerful combination of experience, commitment, and personal service to clients with complex legal matters throughout Texas and across the United States.  Our team of experienced attorneys and staff are known for producing positive results in matters with complex factual and legal issues. Marshall Presley & Pipal Attorneys at Law recently opened at 2615 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 200. 214-281-3314

  • Merit Financial Advisors - Merit is committed to providing holistic financial planning and wealth management solutions for its clients, prioritizing our client relationships, and implementing solutions that help them work toward their financial goals. Merit Financial Advisors recently opened at 2625 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 100. 817-267-9480

  • Lender Compliance Technologies - Lender Compliance Technologies (LCT) brings together extensive industry experience in lending, recoveries and compliance, and SaaS development to create a compliance-driven technology solutions company focused on the needs of lenders today and in the future. Lender Compliance Technologies recently opened at 930 S. Kimball Ave., Suite 140. 817-953-6642

  • Connections Wellness Group - Our team is dedicated to providing everyone we service with life-enriching care that connects them to long term wellness. Our business model is focused on fostering professional partnerships built on consistent quality outcomes that they can grow to trust while build lasting connections. Connections Wellness Group recently opened at 1100 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 200. 817-756-1293

  • GOLFTEC - At GOLFTEC, they know what it takes to play your best golf. They use technology and facts - not opinion - to give customized golf lessons and club fittings that help students score lower and play consistently better. GOLFTEC recently opened at 2757 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 120. 682-651-4013

  • Millennium VR – By utilizing the best in VR and other technologies, we have combined the capabilities of Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset (all VR experiences), YAW2 Motion Simulator (Flight Sim/Racing Sim/Rollercoaster Sim) and the Super Novo Massage Chair by Human Touch (Virtual Massage + Meditation) to provide a truly VIP experience in Virtual Reality. Millennium VR recently opened at 2360 E. State Hwy 114. 817-912-1115

  • Pinspiration - Pinspiration’s hip studio allows customers access to a variety of high-quality art supplies and tools. The Pinspiration staff provide the tools, materials and a clean, inviting and inspiring place to put it all together. Customers can create their own idea on the spot or they can choose from an array of ever-changing monthly project menus based on the most popular “pinned” social media projects and current craft trends. What’s more, Pinspiration has it’s own wine/beer bar and party room! Pinspiration recently opened at 2140 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite K. 682-477-4243

  • The Now A Massage Boutique - The NOW offers a space to escape the daily pressures of life and recharge your energy and spirit through the healing benefits of massage therapy. The NOW has quickly become the hottest new wellness destination for locals and globe-trotting influencers alike. The Now recently opened at 2102 E. State Hwy 114, Suite 107. 817-854-8889

Coming Soon 
  • Cork & Pig Tavern – Shops of Southlake - Specialty Restaurant
  • Theater Advice – 621 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 110 – Home Theater
  • The Shade Store – Southlake Town Square – Home Furnishings
  • Dogtopia – 2225 W. Southlake Blvd., Suite 459 - Pet Services
  • Vitalyc - Park Village - Med Spa
  • Tropical Smoothie Café – 100 W. Southlake Blvd. – Fast Casual Café
  • Toasted Yolk Café - 2800 E. Southlake Blvd.
  • Natuzzi Editions - 1600 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 100 – Home Furnishings
  • Mesero – Shops of Southlake – Specialty Tex-Mex Restaurant
  • Stella Trattoria – Southlake Town Square – Italian Restaurant
  • EVO Entertainment – Southlake Town Square – Movies & Entertainment
  • Summer Classics – Southlake Town Square – Furniture and Décor
  • Amazon 4 Star – Southlake Town Square – Amazon Retail Shop
  • Blo Blow Dry Bar - Park Village – Hair Salon
  • Texas Mind Science – 2118 E. State Hwy 114 – Medical Specialty
Mar 06

Malouf's Fine Apparel

Posted to Southlake Business Spotlight by Daniel Cortez


Southlake Town Square
190 State Street

(817) 416-7100

Since their doors first opened in 1949, Malouf’s has prided itself on a reputation of excellence. Their company principles of quality, value, service, innovation and trust are the standards on which their business was founded. Offering one-on-one consultations at your home, office or in the store, their stylists will give you expert advice and make your shopping experience rewarding and effortless.

Made-to-measure and bespoke garments offer a fit and style that expresses your individual preferences. Featuring top designers and quality craftsmanship, the offer an extensive collection of the finest custom clothing for men. You will be confident when you choose custom clothing, shirts, shoes or ties.

As their clothing experts come to know your personal style and wardrobe needs, they can put together looks for your next visit to our store or deliver them to your home or office. Their associates also keep you informed as new selections arrive, finding specific items that complement your wardrobe.

Be the first to know about special offers, events and new arrivals by signing up to receive our emails below. Take an exclusive look behind the scenes by liking them on Facebook and following them on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter @Maloufs.