Southlake Business Spotlight

The City strives to support local businesses as they open and continue to grow. The Southlake Business Spotlight (formally known as the Local Business Report or LBR) provides for a great opportunity for local businesses to provide some unique information about what makes their business a great addition to the community. The Southlake Business Spotlight is presented and recorded at a City Council meetings.  Please take a moment and see some of the great local businesses that Southlake has to offer.

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Dec 05

Ronkot Design

Posted on December 5, 2019 at 2:15 PM by Daniel Cortez

950 E. State Highway 114, Suite 160
(469) 305-6538

Ronkot design is an award winning design firm that works with all types of businesses and individuals. They solely believe that when you have a clear understanding of your vision and mission, marketing is nothing but a tool to your SUCCESS.  They offer services such as website consultation, design & development, SEO, social media creation and campaign management, email marketing, print, branding, identity, graphic design and interactive multimedia presentations. Like what you see? Are you ready to stand out? Then call them!

Nov 08

Whimsy Cookie Co.

Posted on November 8, 2019 at 11:19 AM by Daniel Cortez

Whimsy Cookie Co
2645 E. Southlake Blvd.
(817) 912-1444

Whimsy Cookie Company began in 2007, by Founder & Co-Owner, Laurie Suriff. Laurie grew up baking along side her mother, and her secret sugar cookie recipe was always Laurie’s favorite. This helped shape Laurie’s love of baking. Laurie husband needed a creative Christmas gift for his clients one year, and Laurie mentioned she could make them all custom cookies. The response from these were so overwhelming that she began getting requests from friends and family. From this success Laurie decided to start Whimsy Cookie Company out of her kitchen.

Over the next three years the Suriff Family saw a lot of cookies. Laurie sold to everyone imaginable, including cookies for family, and friends, for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, tailgating, etc. Laurie’s incredibly yummy sugar cookie recipe along with her talented “Whimsical” decorating style quickly began spreading throughout the Memphis, TN area. Whimsy grew quickly by word of mouth and over the next few years Laurie accumulated several hundred clients.

In the Fall of 2011, Laurie received an email from Leigh Anne Tuohy to place an order for Baltimore Raven’s themed cookies for their tailgate event for their son, Michael Oher. Leigh Anne and Collins Tuohy had tasted Laurie’s cookies at a school event of SJ (Collins little brother) and fell in love with Whimsy! Soon after that, Collins also began ordering cookies for her events and friends. 

Collins approached Laurie in the winter 2012 with the idea of joining talents to make Whimsy Cookie Company even better. She and Laurie became equal business partners in Whimsy Cookie Company! About a year later Whimsy Cookie Cookie moved to the “Whimsy House” which is located at 4704 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117. This is a dream location in a hundred year old house on the main street that runs through Memphis. This allowed them to give the retail experience their clients were really looking for. The words used to describe the experience in the Whimsy House are magical, fun, happy, welcoming, sparkly, pink, precious, and a whole lot of WHIMSY!
Oct 02

Chelsea Hall

Posted on October 2, 2019 at 4:31 PM by Daniel Cortez


1901 W. Southlake Blvd.
(817) 912-1551

Beginning at 9:45 of the video

Founded in 2019, Chelsea Hall is an after-school academic learning center located at the corner of Southlake Boulevard and Players Circle (one block from Carroll Senior High).

Their mission is to provide an affordable and fun learning environment that enables each of their members to achieve his or her highest possible GPA in every class that he or she takes at Carroll High and Carroll Senior High.

Rather than try to meet the rigorous challenges of high school alone, their members reinforce their school learning within an academic support system that is more effective and about half the cost of one-on-one tutoring program. At Chelsea Hall, their members collaborate with their peers and learn their class material in our small Group Study Sessions taught each week by their energetic and experienced teachers, or they study individually or with friends in their Study Hall with the tutoring guidance and assistance of Carroll Senior High top students.

Monthly events are an essential part of the Chelsea Hall experience. These events are designed to help our members better navigate the college application and admission process with valuable tips from our expert lecturers, as well as excel in their academic experience at Carroll High and Carroll Senior High through shared experiences and advice from their student tutors, teachers, and staff members.

Their offerings include four separate services to their members: Group Study Sessions, Pop-Up Test Reviews, Study Hall, and SAT/ACT test prep.

Be sure to visit them!