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This blog is regularly updated by the Planning and Development Services Department with information regarding current development cases being processed in the City, and other development-related items.

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Aug 31

Development Activity Report for the Planning & Zoning Commission on September 3, 2015

Posted on August 31, 2015 at 12:12 PM by Jerod Potts

For Planning & Zoning Commission agenda information follow the link: Agenda

Please note, SPIN Town Hall Forums are not a requirement of the City's development process. Additionally, the SPIN Item Number has only been recorded in this format since 2015. Some projects may have held a SPIN Town Hall Forum prior to implementation of the SPIN Item Number. For more information about SPIN, please click here.

 Case No. Project Description SPIN Item #
 ZA15-084  Zoning Change and Development Plan for Diyar Eco Estates
1021 E. Continental Blvd.
 Public Hearing
 ZA15-085  Plat Revision for Lots 1R1R1 and 1R1R2, Block 1, Sabre Group Campus Addition
3000 Kirkwood Blvd.
 Public Hearing
 ZA15-094  Specific Use Permit for the Parkview Residences 
1471 Federal Way
 Public Hearing