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Water Smart, Southlake

The Water Smart, Southlake newsletter provides helpful tips and advice on all things related to watering smart.  Every week, the newsletter explores topics relevant to responsible water use what you can do to save water and save money and what the City is doing to help you save money.  

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Apr 04

Spring into Summer! Tips to get your lawn Summer ready!

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 1:58 PM by Blake Williams


Save Southlake Water

Monday, April 4,, 2016

Welcome to Save Southlake Water

The City of Southlake is doing great things to promote water conservation this summer! We are excited to bring to you this weekly email with advice on how much you should water your lawn, information about water conservation events going on around town, and more!

Weekly Watering Advice for the Week of April 4th

Weekly Watering Advice, Southlake Lawn Irrigation Schedule

Take the guesswork out of watering your landscape. By following the City of Southlake Weekly Watering Advice, you can avoid potentially costly and damaging under- or over-watering.

Our recommendation this week is to apply a quarter of an inch of water. Click here or here to learn how adjust your sprinkler system. To learn more about where we get this recommendation check out Save Tarrant Water.

If you do operate your sprinkler system this week please remember to follow your watering schedule from midnight to 10am or from 6pm to midnight.

Spring Rush, WISE Guys, Irrigation CheckupSpring Rush! Get ahead of the pack and sign up now!

Have you ever wondered about that dry spot in your yard? Need help figuring out how to convert to a drip irrigation system? Want someone to help you adjust your controller for the Weekly Watering Advice? Just sign up for a free irrigation evaluation.  One of our irrigation specialists will contact you shortly to make an appointment. Spring is a popular time to sign up for this program. Sign up now to get ahead of the rush!

Over 1,200 Southlake residents have taken advantage of the W.I.S.E. Guys Program since 2011. Like most appliances in the home, the average residential sprinkler system needs a little TLC after a few years. Heads get misaligned as soils get compacted, leaks develop, or technology gets outdated. Many homeowners who have followed the irrigator’s advice and fixed inefficiencies (with our $200 rebate!) have realized both water savings and improved their landscape.

The irrigation evaluation consists of a run-through of your current controller then a spot check of each irrigation zone in your yard. After the irrigator makes his observations he will email you a personalized report with your schedule and notes about each zone.

But, don’t stop there! Whether you get a few things fixed or get it all done, the City offers up to $200 credit on your water bill to for any work indicated in the irrigation evaluation.

SmartScape, Smart Landscaping, Native Plants, Adaptive PlantsBeautiful. Maintainable. Sustainable. Texas SmartScape™

Did you know that more than half of a typical household’s outdoor water use goes to watering the lawn and garden? Converting to a water-efficient landscape through the choice of native or adaptive plants and careful design can reduce your water use by 20 to 50 percent.

Whether you are undertaking a major landscape overhaul or just looking for a few quick fixes to save water this summer, the Texas SmartScape™ program,, can provide you with the tools for success.

Check out these events in Southlake to learn more:

Weekly StatsWater Use Stats

The average daily water use per person (GPCD) in Southlake this past week was 164 GPCD, the previous week was 225. GPCD is defined as the total number of gallons used by the city divided by the population.

My Water Bill

You asked for it, and we listened! Starting with your April bills, you will notice that the Billing Period has been replaced with Reading Period, making it easier for you to know exactly what time frame you are being billed for.    

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