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Water Smart, Southlake

The Water Smart, Southlake newsletter provides helpful tips and advice on all things related to watering smart.  Every week, the newsletter explores topics relevant to responsible water use what you can do to save water and save money and what the City is doing to help you save money.  

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Apr 25

Learn and Grow this Spring!

Posted on April 25, 2016 at 4:55 PM by Blake Williams

Save Southlake Water

Monday, April 25, 2016

Learn and Grow at Bob Jones Nature Center this Saturday, April 30th!

Come learn from the best! Dr. Dotty Woodson from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension will be coming out to Bob Jones Nature Center. Learn about lawn care maintenance, choosing plants, sprinkler system basics, and more! To sign up for this free workshop, click here. Remember to stay afterwards for a walking tour of the Nature Center!

Saturday, April 30th

9:00 am: Lawn Care Maintenance

10:00 am: Native and Adaptive Plants for Sun and Shade

11:00 am: Sprinkler System Quick Fixes with Hands-On Activity

12:15 pm: Walking Tour of the Nature Center

Weekly Watering Advice

With more rain in the forecast for this week, Southlake will receive plenty of rain to keep your yard healthy. Our recommendation this week is to not water your lawn, as the ground is still moist from last week. However, if the forecasted rain does not occur, you may consider watering 0.25” late in the week. To learn more about where we get this recommendation, check out Save Tarrant Water.

If you do operate your sprinkler system this week, please remember to follow your watering schedule from midnight to 10am or from 6pm to midnight.

A Quick Landscaping Tip for You

Did you know that 9 out of 10 property owners have leaking or broken sprinkler heads on their system that they are not aware of?  A single broken sprinkler head can discharge 10-15 gallons per minute.  If left unrepaired, it will waste (on average) more than 7,000 gallons in just a month of typical watering.  Most properties have 2, 3, or 4 sprinkler heads that are broken or not operating properly.  You should check your sprinkler system to make sure you are not wasting water!

If you haven’t tried the WISE Guys program yet, this may be a good way to get started. Click here to learn more.

Water Use Stats

The average daily water use per person (GPCD) in Southlake this past week was 167 GPCD, and the previous week was 245. GPCD is defined as the total number of gallons used by the city divided by the population.

My Water Bill

You now have the choice to pay your utility bill by phone! This new interactive voice response option can be reached at 855-385-8432. There is no additional charge for this convenient service.

Remember, beginning this month your water bill will show that the Billing Period has been replaced with the Reading Period, making it easier for you to know exactly what time frame you are being billed for.

Contact Us

Have questions about water? We are here to help.

For billing questions call Customer Service at 817-748-8051.

For questions about water pressure or funny tastes and odors call Public Works at 817-748-8081.

For questions about water conservation programs, landscape irrigation, or about this blog call Environmental Services at 817-748-8638.