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New Biz List

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Nov 01

November 2016 New Biz List

Posted on November 1, 2016 at 8:18 AM by Denise Artho

Southlake New Biz List:  November 2016

This list of new Southlake businesses is provided by the Southlake Department of Economic Development and Tourism to help these businesses succeed.  You may also visit to find a list of all businesses.

Now Open

Grid Trials:  Grid Trials recently opened in Commerce Business Park at 280 Commerce Street, Suite 100.  They have interactive team building challenges, game play and rival blaster arena.  (817) 262-0057

Help Hope Solutions:  Help Hope Solutions recently opened in Georgetown Park at 2615 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 190.  They provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for individuals diagnosed with autism, ADHD and other development delays.  (817) 251-8099

KB Carlton PLLC:  KB Carlton PLLC recently opened in Georgetown Park at 2485 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 220.  This is a law firm specializing in estate planning, business planning and asset protection.  (817) 554-9100

Kirkwood Eye Center:  Kirkwood Eye Center recently opened at 2111 E. Kirkwood Boulevard, Suite 100.  This eye center offers a variety of services from routine eye exams to specialty eye care.  (817) 416-2010

Smokers Dream:  Smokers Dream recently opened in Jellico Square at 2310 W. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 140.  They sell cigars, cigarettes, pipes and tobacco.  (817) 431-1953 

Trimble ENT:  Trimble ENT recently opened in Tuscan Creek Villas at 361 W. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 100.  This is otolaryngologists that provides ear, nose, throat and sinus care to children and adults.  (817) 529-6200

Coming Soon

Cambria Hotel & Suites – 2104 E. State Highway 114 – opening date TBD – hotel 

Fit Factory – Wyndham Plaza – 2750 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 120 – opening date TBD – organic customs meals 

FlyKids Yoga – Village at Timarron – 631 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite A – opening date TBD – yoga for kids 

Gadgik – Village Center – 2140 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite K – anticipated opening in November – device repair 

Manny’s Tex Mex – Wyndham Plaza – 151 N. Nolen Drive – opening date TBD – Mexican cuisine 

Menchie’s – Park Village – 1161 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 202 – anticipated opening November 8th – frozen yogurt 

Serendipity Day Spa – Miron Addition – 1695 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 150 – opening date TBD – spa

Starbucks – Southlake Crossing – 2155 W. Southlake Boulevard – opening date TBD – coffee shop

The Bar Method
– Kimball Oaks – 2211 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 550 – opening date TBD – fitness center