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Water Smart, Southlake

The Water Smart, Southlake newsletter provides helpful tips and advice on all things related to watering smart.  Every week, the newsletter explores topics relevant to responsible water use what you can do to save water and save money and what the City is doing to help you save money.  

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Sep 13

Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month - 7/12/2016

Posted on September 13, 2017 at 3:29 PM by Hunter Harris

Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month
You may think your sprinkler is doing its job, but is it actually efficient? With all that summer heat, July is the perfect time to make sure you have an effective sprinkler system! Having a smart irrigation system is the first and most important step in becoming Water Smart, Southlake.
Weekly Watering Advice
Our recommendation this week is for you to not water your lawn due to the storms we received last week. For more information on how to adjust your sprinkler for this, click here. Please remember that if you do decide to run your sprinkler, only water on your designated days, between 6pm and 10am.
The Internet of Things for Irrigation Systems
"With the explosion of the concept Internet of Things, it isn't surprising that entrepreneurs have found a market for smart irrigation controllers. So easy to install that you can do it yourself, these types of controllers let you run your system either on a computer or on your smartphone. 

With many competitors, all of these companies are finding ways to make it easy for you to better adapt your irrigation system to the environment, and at an affordable price.

I bought one of these types of controllers several months ago for only $159. I found not only the controller installation to be very easy (just disconnect and connect a few wires), but I also found the app installation on my phone to be simple as well.

It's great to be able to turn on/off my sprinkler without having to go through the house, trip over stuff in the garage, and mess with buttons in near dark.

Similar to our weekly watering recommendation (and way easier), these controllers are designed to save water using either weather station data or soil moisture to stop unnecessary watering. My controller estimates I have used 56% less water in the last 3 months, compared to just letting it run on a twice-per-week cycle. I love seeing the stats because it also helps me better understand my water bill."

-Christi Upton, City of Southlake Environmental Coordinator
The 2016 Water Quality Report is Here!
Our annual Water Quality Report has arrived. This report provides a summary of last year's water quality test results, information on the new smart meter program Eye On Water, tips on how you can stop water pollution, and more. For an electronic copy of this year's report, click here.