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Water Smart, Southlake

The Water Smart, Southlake newsletter provides helpful tips and advice on all things related to watering smart.  Every week, the newsletter explores topics relevant to responsible water use what you can do to save water and save money and what the City is doing to help you save money.  

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Sep 13

Huge Announcement About our W.I.S.E. Guys Program - 7/26/2016

Posted on September 13, 2017 at 3:31 PM by Hunter Harris

Second W.I.S.E. Guys Evaluations Now Available!
We are excited to officially announce that, by popular demand, we have opened up ourW.I.S.E. Guys irrigation evaluation program to allow multiple evaluations per home! A second evaluation can now be performed after three years have passed since the first evaluation, and you are also still eligible to receive a $200 rebate. 
*If you aren't sure when you had your first evaluation , give us a call at 817-748-8638 or 817-748-8983 and we'll be happy to look up your original evaluation date.  

Weekly Watering Advice
Our recommendation this week is for you to apply 0.75 inches of water to your lawn this week, due to all of the sunshine and warm temperatures. For more information on how to adjust your sprinkler for this recommendation, click here

Please remember that when running your sprinkler, only water on your designated days, between 6pm and 10am.