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Water Smart, Southlake

The Water Smart, Southlake newsletter provides helpful tips and advice on all things related to watering smart.  Every week, the newsletter explores topics relevant to responsible water use what you can do to save water and save money and what the City is doing to help you save money.  

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Sep 13

How Much Water Do You Use? - 8/16/2016

Posted on September 13, 2017 at 3:37 PM by Hunter Harris

Curious about how much water you might actually use in your home? This interactive Water Calculator can help! All you need to know is a little information about how old your appliances are and how often you use them. Click on each section of the house and fill out the information, then get a full report on your estimated consumption, as well as tips on how to conserve water in your home! 

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Mulching has dozens of benefits: it helps retain water, stops weed growth, regulates soil temperature, prevents erosion and compaction, and more.
Weekly Watering Advice
This week's recommendation is 0.25 inches. Below is a suggested schedule based on a typical sprinkler system. Your sprinkler's precipitation rate can make a difference in how long you need to run your system to apply the right amount.