Are any items too large for pickup, such as fence sections, large tree limbs, or other large waste?

Any individual item, or collection of items, larger than two (2) cubic yards (about the size of a washer and dryer side-by-side, for example) is too large for pickup. These items will have to be hauled to a Republic facility or placed into a roll-off container.

Fence panels can be cut down and placed for collection as bulk waste, providing they are small enough for the crews to manage. However, if you are working with a contractor on repairs or restoration, contractors are expected to haul the waste away or make arrangements for a roll off, rather than placing at the curb for collection. If your contractor needs a roll off, they can contact Republic Services at 817-317-2424.

Also, please keep in mind solid waste containers should not weigh more than 50 pounds and any individual bags placed for collection outside containers should not exceed 33 gallons or 50 pounds each.

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