How does the system work?

Alert Southlake is powered by Everbridge®, a web-based application that uses mapping technology to provide notifications, and/or written text or email notifications to people in a precisely targeted geographic area. Trained emergency officials can essentially “draw” an area on a map, record an emergency message, and launch the alert to those in the affected area.

While the system is able to rapidly contact thousands of residents in one launch procedure, there may be limitations. It is always important to remember that technology can sometimes fail.  No single alert or tool will provide enough warning to all residents in all situations. This system is only one part of a comprehensive emergency warning program and should not be your sole means of emergency notifications.

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1. How does the system work?
2. Who receives notifications?
3. Why did you automatically add mobile phone numbers?
4. What if my contact information changes?
5. Will my contact information be shared with others?
6. I am hearing impaired and I have a TTY/TTD device. Can I use the system?
7. Can I update notification preferences?