How do I get a recycling cart?
To sign up for recycling and trash services, new residents should first contact the Utility Billing Office at (817)-748-8051. To request an additional recycling cart, please contact Utility Billing. For a smaller 65-gallon cart, contact the main City line at (817)-748-8400.

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1. How do I set up new residential service?
2. What is the current rate for residential Trash and Recycling collection?
3. How do I get a recycling cart?
4. Is there an option for a recycling cart that is smaller than the 96-gallon cart?
5. Where should I place my garbage and recycling containers for collection?
6. What time should I set my containers out on my collection day?
7. What items can I place in my recycling cart?
8. What items can I NOT place in my recycling cart?
9. Do I need to sort my recyclables?
10. Is special preparation of recyclables required?
11. What if my recyclables will not fit in my cart?
12. What is the largest size garbage container I can use?
13. What is the maximum amount any garbage container can weigh?
14. Why does my neighbor have a 90 gallon "Monster" garbage can, and Republic still collects their trash?
15. How can I dispose of bulk items or brush/limbs?
16. What items are accepted as bulk pick-up?
17. How do I schedule a pick up for bulk items, limbs, or unbundled brush?
18. What if I have more than twelve cubic yards of brush or limbs for disposal?
19. My garbage was supposed to be picked up today but was missed by the truck. What do I do?
20. I have a disability and have trouble taking my garbage to the curb, can Republic help?
21. How can I identify hazardous chemicals in my home?
22. How do I set up a new commercial service?
23. What are the rates for commercial collection services?
24. What types of containers are available for commercial collection?
25. What is the best way to dispose of broken glass?
26. What is the best way to dispose of needles?