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Contact the City

  1. Application for Boards, Commissions and Committees
  2. Come Fix This!
  3. Contact the Public Works Director
  4. Have a Question about Traffic and Mobility?

    Do you have questions about the City's road construction projects? Let us know! Fill out the form below and we will work to get you... More…

  5. I Have a Question About My Bill
  6. Planning and Development Questions

    Do you have questions about the development process in Southlake, or the City's Comprehensive Plan, Southlake 2030? What about how... More…

  7. Request Mayor/Council for Event
  8. Vacation House Watch

    Southlake DPS Police Services is pleased to provide its residents with a Vacation House Watch program. This program is available to... More…

  1. Building Inspections Questions

    Do you have a question about building in Southlake? What about the permitting or inspections processes, or code enforcement? Let us... More…

  2. Contact the City

    Contact the City with your suggestions, questions or concerns.

  3. Economic Development & Tourism

    Do you have questions about the Economic Development or Tourism in Southlake? Looking to relocate your business or how Southlake can... More…

  4. I Have A Budget or CIP Question

    Contact form for those interested in learning more about the budget and/or the Capital Improvement Program.

  5. Meeting or Event Request for Mayor or City Council
  6. Request a Sidewalk
  7. Understanding Development

    Do you have questions about the development process in Southlake, or the City's Comprehensive Plan, Southlake 2030? What about how... More…

Library Forms

  1. Financial Education Seminar Series

    Financial Services Professional, Anthony D'Amico will lead a series of seminars to educate attendees on important financial... More…

  2. Purchase Request Form

    Use this form to suggest an item to purchase for the library collection.

  1. Interlibrary Loan Request Form

    Use this form to request that the Southlake Library order a book from another library for you. This should be used for materials older... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve Customer Satisfaction Survey
  2. Library Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Referee & Scorekeeper Rating Form
  4. Southlake Tennis Center Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. Contact Parks and Recreation
  2. Parks & Recreation Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Senior Center Customer Satisfaction Survey
  4. Sponsorship Application Form

    Please complete the form below to reserve a sponsorship! You will be notified by City staff upon submission of the form for further... More…

Police Initiative

  1. Take Me Home Program

    Take Me Home is intended to assist those who are unable to communicate or properly identify themselves in the event they become... More…