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Contact the City

  1. Building Inspections Questions

    Do you have a question about building in Southlake? What about the permitting or inspections processes, or code enforcement? Let us... More…

  2. Contact the City Council About Property Taxes or the Budget
  3. Planning & Zoning Case Input Form

    This form is to provide feedback on planning & zoning-related requests. Your comments are placed in the related case file as a matter... More…

  4. Southlake Comprehensive Plan Feedback Form

    Feedback form for the Southlake Comprehensive Plan.

  5. Town Hall Security & Facility Operating Hours Adjustment Form

    This form is to be submitted by any person or organization that wishes to request additions or changes to the security at Town Hall, or... More…

  1. Contact the City About Property Taxes or the Budget
  2. Meeting or Event Request for Mayor or City Council
  3. Planning and Development Questions

    Do you have questions about the development process in Southlake, or the City's Comprehensive Plan? What about how economic development... More…

  4. SPIN Town Hall Forum Question / Comment Form

    Can't make it to a SPIN Town Hall Forum but still have a question or comment on an item being presented? Use this form! Those who... More…

  5. Zoning Verification Letter Request Form

    This letter is written to confirm zoning classification and compliance. It is not intended to be relied upon for any other purposes.

Library Forms

  1. Interlibrary Loan Request Form

    Use this form to request that the Southlake Library order a book from another library for you. This should be used for materials older... More…

  2. Southlake Library's Reader's Advisory Form

    Ask a librarian to help you find reading recommendations based on your specific interests.

  1. Purchase Request Form

    Use this form to suggest an item to purchase for the library collection.

Office of Emergency Management

  1. Internship Application

    The Emergency Management Intern will assist the Assistant to the Director/Emergency Manager with updating Southlake’s EOC Manual,... More…


  1. Department of Public Safety Request for Information Form

    City of Southlake Public Information Request Form to request DPS records for the Police or Fire Departments

  1. Police Commendation Form,

Police Initiative

  1. Take Me Home Program

    Take Me Home is intended to assist those who are unable to communicate or properly identify themselves in the event they become... More…

Public Works Forms

  1. Application for Traffic Control Devices to Support Non-Profit or City Sponsored Events

    This application is intended to streamline the efforts for Public Works Operations distribution of traffic control devices for various... More…

  2. Report a Watering Violation
  1. Public Works Website Form Satisfaction Survey
  2. Turf Material Watering Exemption Request Application