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Juror Response Confirming Attendance

  1. If you are reporting for service on the date for which you have been summoned, you are in the right place. Please fill out and submit this form. Thank you!

  2. If you would like to request a reset or exemption of service, please exit this form and
    go back to the Jury Service page to fill out the Juror Reset, Exemption, or Disqualification form.

  3. Juror Confirmation of Service

  4. Eligibility Status
  5. I am a United States citizen*
  6. I am at least 18 years of age.*
  7. I am eligible to vote.
    (You do not have to be registered, but are eligible to do so).*
  8. I am a resident of the City of Southlake.*
  9. I have not served as a juror in Tarrant or Denton counties during
    the last three months for a total of 6 or more days.*
  10. I can read and write in English.*
  11. If you answered "yes" or "true" to every one of the answers above, you qualify for juror service with Southlake Municipal Court. Please complete and submit this form. We'll see you on the scheduled trial day. Thank you!

    If you answered "no" or "not true" to any question above, you are excused from service.
    Please submit this form to receive a confirmation of excusal from service. Thank you!

  12. Final Details for Service

  13. Please be sure to click the "Submit" button below.
    Thank you!
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