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Turf Material Watering Exemption Request Application

  1. New Turf Watering Exemption Request Application
    Establishing new turf during periods of high temperatures is highly discouraged. We highly encourage you to delay the installation of new turf until we have cooler temperatures.
  2. Terms and Conditions:
    These situations include establishing turf due to disturbances during construction. This helps reduce the risk of erosion and sediment loss due to the disturbances. If hydro mulch, grass sod, or grass seed is installed for the purposes of establishing new turf following construction or disturbance, the area may be watered any day of the week before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. for more than the twice-per-week schedule while it is being established. After that, the mandatory watering schedule set forth in this stage applies. This exemption does not provide for wasting water, which is defined as causing a substantial amount of water to leave the property (e.g. more than 20’ of runoff or ¼” accumulation).
  3. Exemptions will be granted for irrigation for the purpose of establishing cool-season grasses, such as winter rye. Those who choose to establish cool-season grasses may apply for an exemption to the twice a week schedule using the form below. Construction-related disturbances may be covered with cool-season grass to prevent erosion.
  4. This exemption is not applicable for the purpose of irrigation outside of the normal twice per week schedule or for establishing trees, shrubs, or other landscape material as these plants may be watered at any time using a hand held soaker hose, or drip irrigation.
  5. By applying for an exemption:
    The City will make record of when the turf was installed and an expiration date of the exemption.
  6. The City will issue you a sign to post on the property. The sign will be made available for pickup within 48 hours of the application being reviewed and approved. If approved for an exemption, the signs will be available at our Public Works Operations Office at 1950 E. Continental Blvd. You will be contacted when it is ready.
  7. If you receive notice of enforcement during this period of time please call Code Enforcement at 817-748-8621. Please note: causing wasting of water will still be enforced during this period.
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  9. Enter numerical value only; for example, 8175559999
  10. This date is the start date of the permit
  11. Please Select Reason for Installation*
    Note: Replacing turf is HIGHLY discouraged at this time
  12. Thank You for Filling Out This Form
    Our Environmental Coordinator will contact you with the status of your application. If approved, you will be allowed the exemption for up to 30 days. The start date is the date of install. The end date is 30 days after install.
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