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1. Where is the Library located?
2. When is the Library open?
3. How do I contact the Library?
4. How do I get a Southlake Public Library card?
5. Is there a book drop outside the library?
6. How long can I keep the items I check out?
7. How can I renew items that are checked out to me?
8. Is the Library closed on holidays?
9. How can I get information on Library news and events?
10. How can I request and reserve materials?
11. Can my child get a library card?
12. Can I use my Grapevine, Keller, etc., card at the Southlake Library?
13. Who is eligible for a Southlake Library card?
14. What is the maximum number of items I can check out?
15. How long can I keep the items I check out?
16. How much are late fees?
17. Does the Library have study rooms?
18. Does the Library have a meeting room?
19. Is there internet access in the Library?
20. What business machines are available at the Library?
21. Can I type my school paper or resume in the Library?
22. Are computer games available?
23. What type of items are in the Library's collection?
24. Does the Library accept donations?
25. Can I volunteer at the Library?
26. Does the Library offer eBooks and eAudiobooks?
27. Does the Library offer e-magazines?