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1. "Why is there a sidewalk coming up Johnson Rd. and no other side roads?"

"If so, do sidewalk on Johnson it will take all trees on my property?"

2. "Bike lanes? If not, will sidewalks be wide enough to accommodate bike and foot traffic?"
3. "Need an approach to/from my property, approx. ½ length of the lot (middle). Please notify me upon completion of eng. drawings"
4. "My question is why not make 1709 & 1938 an overpass/underpass. In 5/10 years from now, this area will be impacted & more space will be needed."
5. "Johnson Rd. & Florence Rd. needs a stop light to enhance the flow of traffic."
6. "Will there be a traffic light at 1938 & Johnson Road?"
7. "Will the retaining wall come all the way to Johnson Road?"
8. "Why do we need a 10-foot wide median? We need a turn lane at Top Rail as not to back up traffic u-turning to come back to Johnson Rd."
9. "What are the projected decibels on 1938 once construction is completed and what is the maximum allowed by the City and/or State?"
10. "Post exhibits on website."
11. " ... We are concerned about needing a safety barrier from the road because our house will be lower than the road ..."
12. "There was no mention of placing a new fence along the Myers Meadow subdivision...Earlier presentations indicated a new fence... Is that new fence still part of the plan?"
13. "Assuming the answer to the Myers Meadow fence is yes, will the project remove & haul away the existing fence? Or will the HOA, who owns the fence, have the expense to do that?"
14. "How will the runoff water from the Myers Meadows retention pond be channeled?"
15. "When should [FM 1938] phase 2 start? Is there a timeline?"
16. "Is our street name still going to change to FM 1938 [from Randol Mill]? When will the name change occur?"
17. "Will the land required for Phase 2 be taken off the west side of the road down to Kingswood? ... is that still the case? We...didn't know if we were going to lose property."
18. " almost looks like the street will have to curve back to the west at some point in order to accommodate the 2 additional lanes. Will the curve happen at Kingswood.?"
19. "We also have a fence around the front of our property and the dogs also have access to our front yard... So we were wondering if the fence would have to move back while they’re working?"
20. "Because the road will be divided, will we still be able to turn left out of and into our driveway going south? Coming home via 114, we have to wait in a long southbound line on Randol Mill..."
21. "The light on Southlake Boulevard and the amount of traffic backs it up from 1709 down to Kingswood .... Will there be any additional traffic lights on this on this section?
22. "The city...said there will be a trail on the east side of the road and a sidewalk on the west side...Who will be responsible for maintaining the trail and the grass between the road and fence?"
23. " Are there plans/timeline/etc. on-line or somewhere that we can view to see how the project is going to look and what the projected timeline is?"
24. "Will the speed limit still be 30 mph or will that increase?"
25. "Are there plans for a noise barrier?"
26. "The ROW is right up against the East side of a...garage -  will there be any fencing, stone walls or berms built to help protect speeding traffic from colliding into the garage or home?"
27. "Is there going to be a side walk built on the East side of my detached garage between the garage and the new road way?"
28. "We have a fence that is currently in their ROW;  will they be required to rebuild that fence?..."
29. "Will they be removing the beautiful pine trees from the property that are currently on the ROW?"
30. "Currently there is a street lamp at Brookforest and FM 1938. How will that lamp be affected?"
31. "Has a formal traffic study been done on the traffic flow on Kingswood vs. Brookforest Dr.? If not the proposed turn lanes will prevent the greater amount of traffic from entering Brookforest"